Toxic stress to the immune system through Allergies, Sinusitis and chronic immune system activation and inflammation
(a) Test for allergies to food
(b) Test for allergies to chemicals
(c) Test for allergies to any substance

Scientific and Medical Evidence - Listing of Research conducted worldwide section :
Skin rashes, acne and allergies worsen after the onset of CFS
Environmental Toxins and hazards, Heavy Metals, Organophosphates
Substance P is elevated in ME patients
Increased risk of Cancer
Increased oxidative stress
Genetic markers
Scientific Findings in Primer for International Consensus Criteria (2012)

Most CFS sufferers develop allergies and sinus inflammation or suffer an intensification of such conditions after getting ME. Chronic allergies and sinus infections and inflammations over several years can lead to chronic immune system activation and resultant weakening. The cytokine shift from TH1 to TH2 in ME will worsen inflammation throughout the body, and any pre-existing allergies or sinus problems. In addition, undigested foods and toxins in the bloodstream will trigger immune system activation and inflammation.

Tests on 285 ME patients and 200 controls in 2013 by Hornig et al. in New York show that there are significant increases in Eosinophils and chronic allergic or inflammatory responses to some agent in those ME patients who have the illness for 3 years or less. (Preliminary findings of Hornig et al., September 2013). Dr. Paul Cheney, Dr. De Meirleir and Dr. Peterson are now using tests for mycotoxins as part of their diagnostics protocol for ME / CFS.


  • If you suffer from Sinus problems or Sinusitis get an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor to take a biopsy of your inflamed sinus tissues. And test for molds, mycobacteria and mycotoxins, bacteria and viruses. In most cases mold and mycotoxins have been found to be the cause.
  • Go to an Allergist and test for the following:
    • Allergies to certain foods and drinks. Gluten Intolerance, Lactose Intolerance, and Coeliac disease.
    • Allergies to household chemcials formaldehyde on furniture and upholstery
    • Allergies to chemicals used in te workplace
    • Allergies to dust in your bedroom or house
    • Allergies to carpets. Carpets typically have 100 - 200 chemicals, some of which are toxic to humans. A cause of Allergies and neurotoxicity in some people.
    • Allergies to moulds in your home. Moulds such as black mould are common on the walls of many houses and apartments in Nothern Europe and North America
    • Allergies to pollen. This is usually predominant in Spring and Summer months
    • Allergies from animal hairs
    • Allergies resulting from car pollution, gas burners, oil burners in home or at work
    • Allergies resulting from poor ventilation at home or in the workplace
    • IgE reactions
    • IgE antibodies
    • IgG reactions
    • IgG antibodies
    • Comprehensive Food Allergy Profile test
    • Test for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome and levels of Paraoxonase (PON) in blood and tissue.

Check with allergists / consultants at your regional hospital or top state hospital or private labs to see if they do these special tests. If not, then the following labs can carry out these special tests.

Genova Laboratory: Comprehensive Food Allergy test
Metametrix labs
Melissa Test

European Laboratory of Nutrients, the Netherlands
Fitzwilliam FoodTest clinic, Dublin
Darina Joyce Clinic, Galway


  • Test for Elevated Eosinophil levels in ME patients who have illness for 3 years or less. (Preliminary findings of Hornig et al., September 2013)
  • Lectin intolerance can disrupt the immune system and other body systems. Get tested for Lectin intolerance.
  • NAET therapy is highly effective for identifying and removing allergies
  • Do you eat foods containing high levels of toxins and inflammation agents ?

    • hot dogs
    • sodas and fizzy drinks
    • foods containing MSG
    • foods containing hydrogenated fats
    • foods containing saturated fats
    • mucous forming foods such excessive potatoes, french fries (chips), cookies and sweets
    • diet drinks containing aspartame
    • sausages and cured meats containing nitrosamines
    • chlorine in bathing / swimming water
    • foods containing additives and flavourings with E numbers
    • foods containing toxin residues from the land (arsenic in some rice)
    • flouride in drinking water ?
    • un-filtered drinking water
    all of these increase toxin load on the body, and inflammation, with adverse effects on the body, in particular the immune system, the DNA, the mitochondria, the endocrine system and the brain and nervous system. Eliminate these foods and drinks from the diet.


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